History of group separator

At the beginning of 2010 Bene (ex-Mortifier - bass) and Kele
(ex-Mortifier - drums, vocals) put together their dark ideas and decide
to bring the Hegeroth project into being. Tailheg (Tail Of Luna - keyboards) joins shortly afterwards and the outline of the first tunes emerge.

A few months activity yields the idea to transform the project into a full-fledged band. Currently the band is working on its promo in melodic black metal convention..

After numerous crew changes permanent members become: Ulfghar - guitar, Fenrir - bass and Edward - vocals.

In April 2012 Hegeroth records the first demo "Spectral Fear" embedded
in melodic black metal style.

In November 2012 Keleborn decides to leave the band due to personal reasons. From this time on Hegeroth has been looking for a drummer
in the meantime using drum machine.

At the same time "Spectral Fear" is being send to the media and record labels.

In July, Broda, the new drummer, joins the band.

In September 2013 Edward and Broda leave the band.

A month later Bila joins the band and Hegeroth starts working on new material. The first album will be called “Thee Emperors' Triangle”. In the meantime Kele (drums) returns to the band.

In June the music video for “The Nameless Enforcerer” is recorded.r/>r/>

In August “Thee Emperors' Triangle” is released!.

In the year 2017, after few years, idea of creating new material comes up.

From all of us, only Bene and Bila actively started to work in this field.

Hegeroth's music created with classical instruments used in metal (without keyboards) becomes more raw, emotional and dark.

In March 2018 Ed returns to Hegeroth and prepares vocal parts.

In september, Bene, Bila and Ed finalize new album.

On 10th April 2019 Degenerate LP is released by Mara Production.

19th of November 2020 is the premier of the band's 3rd album entitled Perfidia.

August 2021 - Ed leaves the band at that time Bene and Bila records the new Sacra Doctrina album which will be released on 24th of January 2022,