D I S I N T E G R A T I O N [2023] - fifth album / piąty album

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Streaming services and bandcamp links: https://lnk.to/hegeroth_disintegration

Coverart / okładka: hegeroth_disintegration_artwork_1080.jpg

Track list/ Utwory:

1. The Snake 3:08
2. Debased 3:40
3. The Dirt 2:46
4. The Ritual 4:29
5. Uplifted 3:29
6. The Shepherd 4:19
7. The Ring 4:03
8. The Queen of Spiders 3:44
9. An Accident 3:55

Lyrics by Bila, Bene
Music by Bene, Bila

Line up / Skład:
Bila - vocals, drums
Bene - guitars, bass

Recorded - April 2022 - March 2023 at HHSoundLab Studios
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Bene
Cover art and CD booklet graphics by Maciej Kamuda
CD layout by Chris Berestecki (Total Death Art)

The second single 'Debased' / Drugi singiel - Lyric Video:

'Debased' on bandcamp and streaming services:

Links: https://lnk.to/hegeroth_debased

The first single 'The Snake' / Pierwszy Singiel - Lyric Video:

The first single 'The Snake' on bandcamp and streaming services:
Pierwszy singiel na bandcamp and serwisach streamingowych:

Links: https://lnk.to/hegeroth_the_snake